On May 2021, a team from France bleu RCFM channel came on board to learn more about the RENFORC project “Strengthening carbon sinks in the marine environment”. This project, led by the GIS Posidonia aims to test at a single site different strategies (conservation, natural recolonization) and restoration methods (development of the substrate, cuttings) to restore degraded Posidonia oceanica meadows.  It also aims to assess their ecological and socio-economic benefits, to strengthen as quickly as possible the major ecosystem services provided by these seagrass beds. THALASSA Marine research participates as a scientific partner in charge of one of applying one of the techniques to test seagrass transplantation of Posidonia oceanica in the bay of Sant’Amanza.



Take a look at the reportage produced by the France 3 Corse ViaStella channel on the RENFORC project and the realization of the first transplantation experiment by THALASSA Marine research.