Our mission

THALASSA is the result of two passionate marine biologists for scientific research and science communication. Our mission is to use our scientific expertise to propose customized services for environmental stakeholders such as research laboratories, government agencies and environmental managers and finally bring this scientific knowledge to people.

Our passionate team

Dr. Patrícia VENTURA

“Passionate with the marine environment, I first worked in the ecophysiology of nudibranchs and taxonomy of hydroids and finally the ecology of sea anemones using biochemical and cellular approaches within the laboratory Symbiose Marine. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated person who seeks to engage the public in scientific and educational projects, to raise public awareness to science and to contribute to the preservation of marine resources. Some of my previous experiences include scientific activities with children and also the development of a sustainable seafood guide to local communities to raise public awareness on their role in preserving fish stocks.”

CV Patricia Ventura


Dr. Alexis PEY

“Interested and curious about many things, I have always loved and researched the multidisciplinary side of marine science. Currently, I’m a professional diver (CAH1B) and I have more than 10 years of experience in the marine environment that has allowed me to specialize in the effects of environmental and climatic disturbances on Mediterranean marine species. My multidisciplinary experiences allowed me to acquire a global vision of the marine ecosystems, from a genetic approach of some species to the study of the faunistic and floristic communities of the Mediterranean Sea. For several years, I have had the incredible opportunity to travel across the Mediterranean thanks to my participation in several European and national projects within the ECOMERS laboratory, and to discover valuable and fragile sites through dives or from the shore.”

CV Alexis Pey