Looking back on the mission conducted at the end of February on the “Posidonium” in the […]
The RECIF project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of 8 Special Conservation Zones (SCZ) located in […]
On March 2022, researchers from THALASSA Marine research and the ECOSEAS laboratory of the UCA started […]
The collective article recently published in Mediterranean Marine Science reports the rare species or first time […]
The month of May was an opportunity for THALASSA Marine research to continue phase 2 of […]
ÉCoMéd -Study of the Posidonia oceanica-benches system for a natural solution against coastal erosion in the […]
Since 2019, THALASSA Marine research has been tasked by the Monegasque Association for the Protection of […]
For the third year in a row, the Association Monégasque pour la Protection de la Nature […]
The objectives of this project, led by Prof. Gérard Pergent from GIS Posidonie and the University […]
On May 2021, a team from France bleu RCFM channel came on board to learn more […]