On March 2022, researchers from THALASSA Marine research and the ECOSEAS laboratory of the UCA started the field surveys for the RECIF project. This project aims to assess the effectiveness of conservation measures of 8 Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) between St Raphael and Menton. Field surveys consisted on monitoring fish assemblages, during cold season, through underwater visual census. Monitoring will continue in the warm season.

This project is financed by the The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and the Région Sud (France).

Partners of the project: ECOSEAS Laboratory – Ecology and Conservation Science for Sustainable Seas (project leader); Cdpmem of the Alpes-Maritimes; Town Hall of Antibes Juan les Pins; Alpes-Maritimes Department; Association for Fishing and Maritime Activities.

For more information on the RECIF project, visit the ECOSEAS Laboratory website: http://ecoseas.unice.fr/index.php/research/en-cours/203-recif-reseau-d-evaluation-des-cantonnements-et-zsc-en-interface-fonctionnelle

Click on the image to view the full report from BFM Côte d’Azur: