On October 23, 2020 was the inauguration of the International Associated Laboratory, which aims to structure collaborations between the Scientific Center of Monaco (CSM) and the University of Côte d´Azur (UCA). LIA ROPSE creates and develops common synergies in research, innovation and teaching around the theme of “Response of organisms and populations to environmental stress”

The LIA ROPSE is chaired by Prof. Denis Allemand and has 2 scientific officers: Dr. Dorota Czerucka for the CSM and Prof. Paola Furla for the Côte d´Azur University.

THALASSA Marine research was invited to present his work. During this day the presentations of research themes followed one another in order to encourage exchanges around existing or future scientific collaborations within LIA ROPSE.

General presentation of THALASSA Marine research activities

Presentation of the active collaborations between THALASSA Marine research and the LIA ROPSE laboratories