The FishMPAblue 2 European project is the follow up of the FishMPAblue project which aimed at determine a set of attributes present in an Marine Protected Area (MPA) crucial for the successful management of small scale fisheries. The aim of FishMPAblue 2 is to test a governance toolkit on 11 Pilot MPAs, and to assess and quantify its effectiveness in terms of MPA ecological effectiveness, benefits delivered to small scale fisheries and social acceptance of management measures by stakeholders.

Our mission:

In the framework of the FishMPAblue2 European project, THALASSA is in charge of analyzing photo-sampling data from multiple landings collected at 11 Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas. This data will be further used to determine the economic dimension of small scale fisheries within and outside MPAs. Also, THALASSA will contribute to the compilation of a database of questionnaires administered to small scale fishermen in order to describe the human dimension in small scale fisheries in the 11 MPAs.


Small scale fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea © Alexis Pey


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