Underwater video production on the dives carried out as part of the PAVIS project within the Marine Protected Area of Kaş Kekova in Turkey

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The PAVIS project, funded by the National Research Agency, aims at assessing the relationship between Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and invasive species in the Mediterranean Sea. Since hte beginning of the project in 2016, 11 MPAs from 6 different countries have been studied: Formentera and Cabo de Palos (Spain),  Parc Marin de la Côte Bleue and National Park of Port-Cros (France), Tavolara, Torre Guaceto and Lampedusa (Italy), Zakynthos (Greece), Brijuni (Croatia), Gokova and Kaş Kekova (Turkey).

Our mission:

From the mission at the MPA of Kaş (Turkey), Alexis Pey collected several images which were used by THALASSA to create an underwater video to highlight the different mediterranean and lessepsian species present on the coasts of Turkey.




For more information about this project:

– facebook.com/PAVIS.project/

– Website ECOMERS / PAVIS Project