THALASSA Marine research was assigned by the ECOSEAS laboratory to collect data on macroalgal forests (genus Cystoseira) in the Cote d’Azur region in the framework of the AFRIMED (Algal Forest Restoration in MEDiterranean sea) project. The field work carried out is part of the WP1 (Work Package 1) aimed at identifying the priority areas in the Mediterranean basin in need of macroalgal forest restoration.

Data collection consisted in:
Intertidal zone:
– Estimation of Cystoseira % cover up to 1 m depth using quadrats methodology;
– Assessment of the ecological quality of study sites using the CARLIT methodology.

Infralittoral zone:
– Assessment of benthic communities between 8 and 12 m using the quadrats method
– Monitoring of fish populations using underwater visual census

Circalittoral zone:
– Coralligenous communities were assessed at 30 m depth using both quadrats and photographs.

Data collected will be used to map the distribution and assess the status of macroalgal forests in the Mediterranean basin.