The European project “ABC2 (Amelioration by benthic habitat-formers under climate change) aims to establish a network with a goal of filling gaps in our collective knowledge on the extent to which habitat-formers reduce environmental stress and of the general mechanisms regulating the assembly and maintenance of associated benthic assemblages across latitudinal gradients.”

“The main objectives of ABC2 are pursued through a hierarchical structure, organized in 2 main modules:

  • Physical Variables: Compare key physical variables (temperature, light, water-flow) between areas with and without canopy-forming macroalgae.
  • Biodiversity: Assess how the effects of canopy-forming macroalgae on the diversity of associated benthic assemblages vary according to the way they modify the mean intensity and small-scale variability of environmental conditions.”

THALASSA was entrusted by the ECOSEAS laboratory to conduct the field work for the realization of these 2 modules at Villefranche-sur-mer bay and Cap-Ferrat (South of France). We carried out the measurements of the physical variables and the evaluation of the biodiversity of benthic assemblages associated with the benthic habitat-former algae of the genus Cystoseira.

For more details, here the link of the ABC2 project :