Hold your breath… and discover the deep

THALASSA Marine research participation in the AIDA Depth World Championship 2019, Villefranche-sur-mer.

While apneists from all over the world held their breath in the Villefranche sur Mer bay, we were committed to promoting the protection of marine ecosystems. We prepared fun activities around our research projects on the theme of sustainable fisheries, food chain and classification of species and their habitats. We welcomed groups of students but also the general public to our stand in order to share with them some of the secrets of the marine world through posters and games.

In particular, children were able to discover that each habitat (sandy bottom, posidonia meadows, rocky areas) is populated by variety of organisms and each one is adapted to their environment. Others had fun around a quiz game to see who reached the top as a marine biologist!

We were mesmerized to see the excitement of the kids for the underwater world, their curiosity and also their sensitivity to environmental problems.