THALASSA Marine Research had the opportunity to collaborate with the PhD student, Elisabeth Riera (UMR ECOSEAS UCA, UMR BOREA, MNHN), during a field work campaign to measure the habitat complexity of natural and artificial reefs in the marine reserve of Roquebrune Cap Martin and the Larvotto MPA (Monaco), under the management of the AMPN.

Between the depths of 5-30 m, several complexity measures were performed within 2 natural reefs and 3 artificial reefs type Bonna and those designed with a 3D printer (Boskalis and D-Shape 3D Printing). The results of this campaign will allow Elisabeth to compare in situ measurements with those taken through numerical models (3D photogrammetry plans and models) in order to determine the relevance and the variability of several habitat structure indexes.

Photo credit: Stéphane JAMME (Aquanaute expertise)